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Alternative Workplace Strategy

UMR Just AskWork+ is the University of Minnesota’s alternative workplace strategy program. A partnership between the Office of Human Resources, Office of Information Technology and University Services, Work+ is an integrated program that will enable colleges and units to redesign their workplace to include variety of spaces and technology tools that will support their future needs, along with the training necessary to use them effectively. Work+ empowers employee efficiency, productivity and satisfaction by offering more nimble spaces and technology that enable collaboration and adapt easily to operational and technological changes.

OHR LogoPilot Project

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is currently piloting the Work+ Program to help achieve their organizational goals. Two locations will participate, including the West Bank Office Building (Operations) and Donhowe Building (Organizational Effectiveness, Communications and Employee Relations). The pilot will provide an opportunity for OHR to improve workspace, technology tools and how to utilize both to get their work done. It will also pave the way for moving OHR into two buildings, from the five they began with. Learn more >>>







Triangle DiagramBy integrating IT Tools, Workspace and Work Processes, departments can become more effective and efficient while offering a satisfying work experience.